Instructional Design and eLearning

  • We analyze your critical business challenges/opportunities to understand the elements of your narrative dilemmas to determine your challenges, establish your central characters and recognize all obstacles.
  • We create with you the various narratives of your best solutions.
  • We design customized story-based learning activities that meet learning objectives so your team develops their knowledge and skills and you reach your business goals.

Visual Design

  • Our design team customizes the learning experience so the stories are placed in familiar settings with known characters to have the greatest impact on learning, whether it’s a serious game, simulation, or a facilitated role play.

Information Design

  • Our developers take data gleaned from research, interviews, and experience and design effective story-driven learning solutions committed that are rooted in experiential learning.
  • We focus on the most meaningful content for the most effective delivery.

Activity Design

  • Fabulis Learning always creates unique, personalized and practice-based activities so the experience is immersive and transformative.