Our Story

“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”

-Muriel Rukeyser


Stories connect us to the everyday world, our past, and future and to each other.  Through stories, we experience what it is to be human and to face common challenges. When we are a central character in the conflict of a story we must make choices and learn from the consequences.  This first hand, immersive learning experience can be harnessed to solve business problems and help people learn and practice new knowledge and skills through critical thinking, decisions, and meaningful feedback.

Fabulis Learning began in 2015, when Scott Kramer, a writer, educator, and learning experience designer began to develop a unique approach to Instructional Design and Learning Experience development through simulated and deeply immersive experiences.

Scott launched the Fabulis Learning Company to overcome employee engagement challenges. By utilizing the newest multimedia technology and the timeless elements of storytelling, Fabulis Learning is committed to creating innovative, immersive, experiential learning that transforms people and solves business problems.



For Millenia, people have used stories to shape meaning in a complex and chaotic world observes Heider and Simmel in their 1944 study.

Recent neuroscience research shows the stories we imagine, watch or read trigger the same neurological activity as actual life. All stories are simulated experience, so that is why we can use them to strengthen knowledge and perfect skills.Books

Fabulis Learning works with you to craft stories that expose your businesses biggest challenges, and we brainstorm parallel stories with other possible business results. We use all of these stories to develop immersive learning experiences so your teams can practice essential skills in a safe virtual environment.

Fabulis Leaning Experiences Include:

  • Simulations
  • Serious Games
  • Case Studies for guided discovery
  • Roles Plays
  • Video Training
  • VR/AR/Mixed Reality experiences